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“Health Care Overhaul Package”

Nov 17th, 2010

health careThere are many individuals today who are celebrating the fact that the new health insurance reform bill is now in existence. They believe they will now be taken care of, in the medical health care sense. These same individuals believe they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives and never have to worry about health care matters again.
How sad that these same individuals have not even attempted to read the new health care reform bill because if they did they would find there is very little to be celebrating. It will now become more difficult to attain medical health care assistance that it was in the past.
Individuals to a medical health care physician will become next to impossible because many of the medical health care physicians are deliberately retiring. They have found that it will not be cost effective for them to remain in the profession they originally dedicated their lives.
Just having to main a one million dollar liability insurance policy or more will be very costly and when you factor in the twenty-one percent decrease they are expected to absorb it becomes impossible to remain in business. Many private medical health care physicians have already left the field. So whom will you get to see when you finally get in to see a health care professional?
Those in the medical health care field will be the physician assistants, registered nurses, nurses’ aids, and the osteopathic doctors and there currently are not very many. The waiting line could be weeks or in some cases months before you are privileged to see a medical health care provider. What type of medical health care diagnosis will you receive?
Then there are those individuals who may decide to rebel and not purchase the mandated health insurance policy. Well, unless they are a member of a specific Mennonite religious group, American Indian Tribe, or a member of the Amish community they will be subject to a fine that will escalate with each passing year.
The fine for refusing to purchase the mandated health insurance will begin with ninety-five dollars in the first year and six hundred ninety-five dollars or two percent of your gross income in subsequent years. Imagine if this trend continues and the government decides to add jail time to the list of penalties. Guess that will depend on how many individuals and families continue to refuse to purchase the government-mandated health insurance.

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