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Health Care and Foot Pain

Apr 29th, 2010

health careHeal pain is one that many individuals have at some point in their life. Many times, it stops as quickly as it begins. Other times individuals, especially in the sports arena, must see the team medical health care physician. When the foot pain becomes more severe and affects the player’s ability to continue playing they are then referred to an outside health care provider.

This can be something temporary or there can be mitigating health care circumstances, which increase the severity of the pain. Some of the standing issues are:

1.    Plantar fascilitis, heel bursitis, heel bumps, and Tarsal tunnel syndrome

2.    Chronic inflammation, stress fracture, severs disease, and Achilles tendonitis

3.    Achilles tendon rupture, bone bruise, gout, Neuroma, and Osteomyelitis

4.    Peripheral neuropathy, and rheumatoid arthritis

Foot pain is not necessarily a catastrophic event for the sports athlete, but when there are hundreds of thousands with the same complaint, it will cause the health insurance industry to listen. This requires surgery in some cases and long-term therapy after surgery. There are other sports athletes that will go through long-term therapy only to find they must have surgery. This is very costly for the health care industry.

Regardless of which form of help an athlete decides to try first, the medical physician and the health care industry must be involved. Unfortunately, these are also another reason why sports health care costs for an insurance policy continues to rise and yet so few individuals fully understand this.

Two of the most common heel pain ailments are caused in children and young adults because the heels of their feet are still very soft and pliable. This is of main concern for children between seven years old and fifteen years old. Though very painful, this does fade away.

Health care issues with Achilles tendonitis, which is a degenerative disease is definitely a chronic heal care issue and a long-term one as well. This occurs with the untimely and permanent breakdown of the Achilles tendon. This degenerative disease can be corrected through surgery, but it is very expensive.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very common health care issue, which is a very progressive and disabling condition. The beginning cause comes from the autoimmune, which causes the inflammation, which then causes major pain to the joints in the feet, including the heel, and the bones in the toes. Yes, this is a major health care concern and also becomes a health insurance issue because arthritis is listed as a known pre-condition.

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