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Oct 8th, 2010

health insuranceToday there are well over five million children all under the age of nineteen afflicted with one or more pre-conditions and chronic health disorders. The families of these special need children have been struggling for a very long time. In order to provide the best possible health care for their children, these families live a bare bone lifestyle. Every family does what they can to keep some money set aside for the medical health care emergencies for their children.

No parent wants to stand by helpless while his or her children is suffering needlessly. This new health insurance reform bill was suppose to alleviate the concerns, but it seems just the opposite is occurring. Still there is hope on the horizon with the new health care reform bill. It may take some time to iron out a few of the wrinkles, but it is said to be a relief valve for many who are currently suffering.

The economy is spiraling downward at a rapid rate and the landscape of productivity is changing more each day. How are you expected to provide for your family when employment is become reduced. Millions have already become unemployed with no opportunity of new employment. The new health care reform bill has barely scratched the surface and the cost of health insurance is already expected to rise substantially in the coming years.

Our government in all its wisdom is consistently hurting more individuals and families by remaining in the way and trying to dictate which corporations will continue and which corporations will close. Each time a business closes it doors for the final time leaves countless individuals without employment. Add to that the family members with health care issues who suffer, and we will soon see an epidemic forming that may be pivotal in the long-term.

The health care issues are beginning to change all that we knew. Medications are becoming rare entities and others are being removed. The medical health care physicians are quietly leaving the medical system at the same time that more individuals are being added to the health insurance rolls.

We are moving into a rationed health care that will not serve anyone. The waiting lines between making an appointment to visit with a medical health care physician will soon be eliminated. When you make an appointment, you will most likely see a physician’s assistant, a registered nurse, or an osteopathic doctor. It is becoming obvious that it will be a rare opportunity to visit with a medical health care physician that we once took for granted.


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