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Eliminating Our Freedoms Part Two

Nov 11th, 2010

freedomsWhy does the government think it is so important to take away all of our freedoms? Could it be the government has no faith in the citizens?  Recently the government admitted the complete overhaul of the current health insurance system was nothing more than an elaborate way to tax the citizens.

How many citizens will take the option to pay the annual fine instead of having to pay for a health insurance policy that is absolutely, useless? With such a large portion of the population already, unemployed and more to be laid off in the next, few months how will the government collect the fines?

1.      Employers with large corporations who employ over fifty employees are now mandated to provide comprehensive affordable health insurance to their employees or face fines per employee that will range between seven hundred fifty dollars to as high as three thousand dollars annually.

2.      Employers who traditionally offer health flexible spending accounts with deductibles of two thousand five hundred dollars and more instead of the traditional health insurance are no longer permitted to do this.

3.      Medical health care physicians are not off the hook either. The Secretary of Health and Human Services is the over-seer who can utilize claims information to measure your resources, observe the quality of care given, and compare you to other medical health care physicians to keep everyone the same.

4.      All medical health care physicians interested in opening their own hospital must agree to a Medicare provider agreement or the government will forfeit your request.

5.      Medical physicians interested in expanding their hospital no longer will have the opportunity.

6.      Health Insurance providers who want to increase their premiums must get the permission of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

7.      The existing pharmaceutical companies remaining in the United States now will pay a fee of 2.3 billion dollars annually to be paid to the Internal Revenue Services just because of health insurance reform.

8.      Medical device makers will pay an annual fee of two billion dollars annually because the government says so.

9.      All health insurance providers are expected to pay an annual fee of 6.7 billion dollars and this money is to go towards what?

10.  CEO’s of health insurance companies will no longer receive payment worth more than five hundred thousand dollars.

11.  Individuals making two hundred thousand dollars and any family making two hundred fifty thousands will be asked to pay an addition 0.5% – 3.8% tax if their income exceeds the allowable annual income.

12.  All individuals utilizing the tanning salons are now subject to pay a ten percent surtax towards health insurance recuperation.

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