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Diminishing Health Insurance in Leagues

Feb 12th, 2010

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Health insurance today is becoming so expensive that many leagues are beginning to remove the group medical coverage and leaving it up to each individual instead.  This may work well with the sports players who are drawing a substantial income, but for anyone new, a rookie if you will, is in no position to carry medical insurance on his or her own due to the cost.

What will happen to the leagues that exist today? Will they, through attrition, bow out and dismantle their individual teams solely because of the lack of medical insurance on each of the existing and new players? Well over seventy percent of the league participants were searching for a viable medical policy and were unable to find one.

Again, the main reason for these dismal figures is because even the most low cost health insurance annual premiums were much too costly. The other side of the difficulty once again is the growing list of preconditions that perplexes even the kindest of souls. There is no definitive way to find out what a precondition is.

The difficulty with this is the list keeps changing throughout any given year and no one individual is able to get to the bottom. The new definition is so broad today that it covers any illness or malady that is chronic, perpetual, and life-long. Many of the health care policy plans have become much to uniform and standard.

Thirty-six percent of the team player entrepreneurs were even in the position of refusal of medical health coverage because of a long-standing precondition or worse. These same individuals granted an expensive medical insurance policy, excluded the precondition which is what they need the medical insurance for in the first place. This in a sense is a catch twenty-two situation with no winners.

The policies share the one fact that there are so many generalizations it is almost impossible to acquire a plan that fits your needs. The end result is that finding a truly united health care system is becoming next to impossible. Today forty-seven percent of the teams and team players are finding it difficult or next to impossible to gain medical insurance.

Today you just have to wonder what good is it to have an affordable health insurance policy. The way the laws are changing, even if you are already privileged to have a good medical insurance policy through joining a group insurance or through your spouse you are about to be given a penalty fee of up to forty percent to pay to the government.

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