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Determining Cost of Insurance

Jun 1st, 2010


There are any numbers of factors that go into determining every individual’s health insurance costs when an insurance policy is under consideration. However, you will begin with the usual standard health insurance policy that is much generalized and then go from there. A few of the factors that is included when determining the cost of an individual health care policy.

1.    The total annual policy premium which will offer you the monthly out of pocket premium payment

2.    The out of pocket expense before and after the annual deductible  is met

3.    The annual health insurance  deductible which is based on previous medical history records

4.    Co-insurance payments contingent upon the type of health insurance plan selected

5.    Co-payment fee again contingent upon the type of health insurance plan selected

When an individual is fortunate enough to buy into a group plan the individual’s health insurance policy will cost much less annually than an individual trying to purchase an individual health insurance policy. Much will depend upon the type of health insurance policy you are interested. There are a number of policies to choose from and that will also depend on how much you can afford at any one time.

Generally, most health insurance policies have a set amount that the individual must meet before the full benefits of the health care policy takes effect. Some will even have a separate deductible for hospitalization and that fee to be met is higher. This is usually seen in the family health insurance policies as a one hundred fifty dollar deductible per individual family member with a five hundred dollar, six hundred dollar or high out of pocket expense for a family annually.

This really is all contingent on the particular type of health care plan you decided to enroll. Whether you choose a Health Maintenance Organization, a Preferred Provider Organization, a Point of Service, or any other type of health insurance plan that is popular today.

Each one of these health insurance plans have their pros and cons as well as different rules and restrictions that will apply with every current family member. These are only a few of the important issues you will need to research before signing up with one particular health insurance plan with a particular health insurance company in your area.

The restrictions vary from only frequenting the medical health care provider of the health insurance industry that is contracted to freely choosing the medical health care provider of your own choice.

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