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Critical Health Insurance Problems

May 17th, 2010

health insurance The critical care health insurance provider policies are written and for the most part, designed to fit a specific individual’s immediate and long-term needs. The main difficulty with this type of health insurance policy is that it must be written to protect not only the individual who was diagnosed with a deadly disease, but it must protect the health insurance provider in the same manner.

When a health insurance provider tries to bend the written laws and rules in behalf of a particular individual, the health care provider runs the unfortunate risk of going out of business and that would defeat the ultimate health care goal for both parties.

The main difference today is that more individuals diagnosed with a catastrophic health care disease that can be life threatening are actually surviving to continue living a well-rounded life. Unfortunately, you also have a group of individuals that underhandedly bet on the death of individuals with catastrophic diseases.

Unknown to the individual there are professional people out there who will gather information on the elderly and the critically ill. When enough information is gathered and verified these same individuals will take out health insurance policies naming himself or herself as the beneficiary hoping they will receive the payoff before they are caught.

Sadly, though, not many individuals can even afford such a health insurance policy for critical care any more than they can afford a health insurance policy for a high-risk condition. Health insurance providers want very much to accommodate, but they still have to concern themselves with their own bottom line and survival.

Considering how many individuals are actually fortunate, enough to survive a critical illness, such as Cancer, leaves the health insurance providers to re-think what they consider to be critical health insurance. This is causing a dilemma within the health insurance industry and they will soon need to re-evaluate how they want to proceed from this point.

The medical community has worked wonders over the past fifty or so years with new technology and medical health care prescription drugs to enhance the life of the individual and leave them to become well and live out a long productive life in whatever endeavor they choose.

Another factor that plays into the formula for the health insurance provider is whether an individual is a male, or female and the condition of their health over time. Age is another factor that plays a role in this critical health insurance because there is a cut off age of between sixty years and sixty-five years so let the buyer beware.

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