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Consumer Protections

Dec 3rd, 2010

consumer protectionsWill we the people continue to have consumer protections once this new health care reform completely takes over as the law of the land? Is the free will of the American people being thwarted and reduced even more with the new mandate? Would it not be better to scrap the entire health care bill and try to create one with more common sense, keeping the good and the will of the American people in place a better suggestion?
Individuals fifty-five years of age and older are offered the option to buy into the Medicare plan. When you consider that half a trillion dollars is being confiscated from the current Medicare health insurance plan, is this a good idea? Every week there are more medical health care physicians who are closing their doors to new Medicare recipients in part because of the flooding of the system.
At the same time, all medical health care medical physicians who are currently taking new Medicare patients will now receive another reduction in reimbursement by the government of twenty-one percent. How are the medical health care physicians, suppose to remain in business, unless they are able to raise the cost of an office visit to all other patients.
What consumer protections will we the people receive when our medical health care records and our health insurance payments will all be handled through the Internal Revenue Service? When you come across a problem or have a question will you be able to discuss your health care problem.
Look at what is about to happen to your personal freedoms and rights. You are about to become a number in a register, operated by the Internal Revenue Service. Is this what is meant by consumer protections? What will happen to those individuals who are younger than fifty-five years old? What happens when a current fifty-five year old does not want to partake in Medicare until they reach sixty-five years of age? What will happen to those individuals who do not want any part of this new government-run health care?
Is it even possible that this is by design? Perhaps this is a way for the government to lead us all into the single-payer health insurance system. What will happen with all the children? Unless this health insurance reform is worked out with clarity to details, it is already documented that children with special health care requirements will have much more stringent access.
Children will receive limited therapy, limited medical health care physician visits, and medication that fits the budget of the Internal Revenue Service and the government instead of the health care medication needs of the child. Will the parents of these special needs children try to fill in the gaps that remain?

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