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Chronic Care Management

Dec 6th, 2010

chronic careHow well will health care be for those individuals suffering with chronic care? Under the new health care reform bill, will there be a benefit for those individuals who require the expertise of medical health care physicians? Will these individuals continue to be pushed aside because they lack the necessary monetary funds to pay for the medical health care services they require?
This has really been a reality of life for many. Yet, they all seem to get through life even though they are condemned to live a life of hardship because they lack adequate health insurance and monetary funding. What will be the new guidelines for the medical health care physician in order for these individuals who seem to float between two worlds?
These are the individuals who make too much money to qualify for any type of state aid program for low cost health insurance, but not enough monetary funds to pay for their own medical needs. Will these individuals finally have access to the proper medical health care they have been denied all their life?
The new health care reform bill discuss the cost of not implementing chronic care management and you have to wonder what will be in place to counter. Will these individuals be allowed to receive some medical health care assistance through the newer Medicaid program?
The impression is that by mandating all citizens purchase a health insurance policy and pay the average monthly cost for health insurance will open the door for millions of individuals to receive mediocre medical health care services. The one issue with this way of conducting business is that there will be many services that will be eliminated or sacrificed all in the name of trying to keep the health insurance rates and the health care costs as low as possible.
In truth, hospitalization will be cut all the way back and used only in very rare circumstances instead of what we have today when you can be a walk-in and receive adequate medical health care. Regardless of how much individual health insurance you may acquire, the trend will be in favor of the one-size fits all instead of specialties as we have today.
The medical health care physician will resort back to treating colds, flu, fractures, breaks, and the delivery of babies as a general practitioner. The days of the medical health care physician who specializes in heart disease, brain disorders, lung cancer, and other issues will slowly disappear. They will disappear because these issues are not cost effective and the focus is to keep the overall cost low.

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