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Changes in COBRA Laws

Jan 13th, 2010

cobraCOBRA is a federal law that stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act. This is a bill that became a law in the year 1986. It relates to the right of people laid off from a job to continue to be covered by the employer provide health benefits. They did have to pay for the insurance, but they did have the option of purchasing this coverage. Prior to the law if an employee or family member was ill they would face the risk of not being able to get other insurance. Therefore this legislation enable the worker faced with a lay off to still have a chance to have health insurance from your former employer. This was not a type of coverage that would last forever. The amount of type you could keep the health insurance was based on number of factors that relate to health and why you loss your job. For more specifics on that part you can visit one of the web sites that provide the specific details in regards to what type of issues do impact your continued coverage. And they can give you the items that are identified by the nature of your given need and your qualifications.

The one thing that does remain a constant for everyone in those situations is that the former employee does have to pay for the complete cost of any coverage. This can be a substantial amount when the employer is not longer sharing part of the burden. And that is what the recent changes in the laws helped to augment. With the changes there is a subsidy available to help with this cost. You may be eligible for approximately 35 per cent of the cost to be covered under these changes. In addition there have been certain relevant aspects that have been affected in terms of how long you can continue to keep the insurance. So that will mean, depending on your qualifications, you could have a great amount of time to still be covered. To get the exact details on that part it is best to visit the sites that explain all the facts about the COBRA laws. And they will cover the types of situations where the policy you have can be continued. It will indicate if you have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for a given period of continued coverage. They will also provide the answers to any questions that might come up about the COBRA law.

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