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Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

Aug 20th, 2010

catastrophic health insuranceMost individuals are aware of the catastrophic health insurance plans. They are probably not aware that there are two different, yet similar catastrophic health insurance plans in existence. The traditional catastrophic health insurance plan is there for the individual when they are in need of additional medical health care coverage for hospitalization and unforeseen surgery.

The other, less known catastrophic health insurance plan is there as a comprehensive catastrophic health insurance, plan that is more closely related to the traditional health care insurance plans. The individual will have an unusually high deductible attached to the health insurance policy, but the average monthly cost for health insurance will be much lower than average.

Most individuals enroll with the catastrophic health insurance plan as a back up for when a catastrophic event does occur that was not expected. This is usually in combination with the Health Savings Account or HSA simply because there is a need for additional medical health care protection to cover the unforeseen costs that are usually involved.

Those fortunate individuals who have spent the majority of their life without much need for medical health care physician visits and never had a reason to step inside a hospital other than to visit with other friends who became ill. The traditional catastrophic health insurance plan is the best option.

The traditional catastrophic health insurance plan is also something to consider for those individuals who are in between the start of retirement and the beginning of Medicare eligibility. This is also a unique opportunity for those individuals who are self- employed or who are employed through an employer. The choice will really depend upon the medical health insurance needs of the individual. However, the same rules for exclusion to the catastrophic health insurance plans apply to each individual.

1.    Lifetime Diabetes and heart disease
2.    Emphysema, Aids, or HIV
3.    Tuberculosis
4.    Asthma and Cancer

Catastrophic health insurance, no matter which health insurance plan is best for the individual is a matter of choice. The best advice is to do your homework and research all that is involved. In most cases, the health insurance provider will require a physical examination to show where you are health wise at the moment before consideration in granting a catastrophic health insurance policy. This is not something that the individual will want to rush into so it is also a good idea to research other health insurance policies to see what is being offered.


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