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Catastrophic Health Coverage

Jul 29th, 2010

catastrophic healthThe majority of the population carries an affordable health insurance policy whether it is an individual health insurance policy or one that is offered through your place of employment. When you already have a health insurance policy, how do you know if you require more health insurance or a catastrophic health insurance policy for emergencies?

Most of the time, those individuals who are basically in good health and rarely find the necessity to visit with a medical health care physician will consider carrying a catastrophic health insurance policy in lieu of the more traditional low cost health insurance.

Requesting health insurance quotes from a variety of health insurance providers is common practice and it usually will offer you a better idea of which is more appropriate for you. Catastrophic health insurance offers a variety of health care coverage for those rare unfortunate circumstances but first you must decide if this is the right health insurance policy for you.

  • You must be in very good health and rarely find the need to visit with a health care physician
  • If you currently have no health insurance then catastrophic health insurance many work for you and offer  relevant medical coverage when a major illness strikes
  • Catastrophic health insurance works for individuals who have a comfortable nest egg in a savings account
  • You are financially able to pay out of pocket for the few medical health care physician visits you may have throughout any given year

However, be very careful before you make any decision on which health insurance policy is better for you because if you have any one of hundreds of pre-existing conditions that the health insurance providers will not cover for the first eighteen months you might be putting yourself in a bind.

You may be relatively healthy, but your pre-existing condition is the one thorn in your side that requires the attention of the medical health care physician. This may be the only reason you need to even make an appointment with a medical health care physician and now you will have to pay the entire bill out of pocket.

Another issue you may want to look into is the amount of out of pocket expense it will cost you for the deductible before the catastrophic health insurance coverage will become effective. If after reading through all the necessary requirement and you find the catastrophic health insurance is not for you then consider a standard health insurance policy to fit your budget.

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