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Cancer Patients Dilemma

Nov 16th, 2010

cancer Individuals either who currently are diagnosed with a form of cancer or who have successfully survived and are trying to get on with their lives it is a never ending battle. This includes the consistent debating with the various health insurance providers who shy away when they hear the term cancer being mentioned by a prospective client.
There are a variety of phases and concerns that all cancer survivors must consider when they decide it is time to talk with their current health insurance provider or try to find another more affordable health insurance provider. The journey will be a difficult one, but it is attainable. A few of the ways cancer affects your life in ways you least expect it to be:
1. Lost wages because time in the work place will diminish
2. Travel expense will begin to mount because most medical health care physicians who specialize in cancer treatments are a distance from your home
3. Home care needs, especially when you are in need of an in home aid
There are also limitations that you will need to understand. You can discuss these options with your health insurance provider and together find palatable ways to get through one day at a time. It may come as a surprise, but your health insurance provider is also willing to discuss health care related matters that concern you and your family. A few of the more unexpected health care related issues you will have to face are:
1. Prescription medications that cost more than you are able to afford
2. The realization of the cost of a high deductible
3. Out of network cancer health care related expenses which may have a different deductible that you will have to meet
4. Any pre-existing condition limitations that are included with your treatment plan
5. Any treatments or medical health care procedures that are not covered under your existing health insurance plan
6. Any of the health care related expenses the exceed your lifetime maximum
However, you will have many opportunities to discuss the terms of your lifetime maximum with your health insurance provider so that you are better able to understand as you continue with your cancer treatment program.
There are other options for you when your health insurance provider is not able to cover the majority of your expenses. You may even try discussing your concerns with your medical health care provider. The medical health care provider may recommend a few of the following options for you to research.
1. Medicare and Medicaid
2. State health insurance programs
3. Patient advocate assistance
4. Other cancer specific help centers

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