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Cancer Patients and Health Insurance

Dec 21st, 2010

cancer patientsHealth insurance providers try their best to shun the cancer patient. These patients can be subscribers for many years or those who are in search of the most affordable health insurance they can obtain. The difficulty lies with both sides of the health care equation and unfortunately, there does not seem to be any concrete answers for these particular patients.
Many current and former caner patients are stuck in a void in between health insurance providers because of obvious reasons. Like the medical health care physicians, the health insurance providers understand how expensive long-term care can be. The health insurance providers understand there are multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation with no guarantee of wellness.
Just the mere fact that a health insurance subscriber is diagnosed with a form of cancer makes the health insurance provider want to run in the opposite direction. The health insurance providers will search for any means possible to cap the health insurance coverage for the individual stricken with cancer. This is because the health insurance provider must search for channels to protect the health insurance company for the sake of all subscribers. Some of what can be learned and are evident for many are the following.
1. There is a very high cost-sharing with all health insurance providers
2. Most cancer patients become so ill they no longer qualify for their employer sponsored group health insurance coverage
3. Individual health insurance providers refuse health insurance coverage to the majority of individuals whether past or present cancer patients
4. Separate deductibles, high cost sharing for various forms of treatment and future caps on all health care benefits
5. Cancer patients are not eligible for Medicare health care services for two years
These are almost impossible hurdles for the cancer patient to overcome. The lack of any form of individual health insurance coverage is a detriment that no one wants to face, yet so many already have. There are very few options left for the individual stricken with cancer. They are able to fill out an application with the state, but that will take time.
Some individuals also have a COBRA health insurance plan with the industry they were employed before they became diagnosed with cancer. However, even the COBRA health insurance plan will not cover the majority of long-term expenses. A last resort is to try to apply for the high-risk pool health insurance, but the average monthly cost for health insurance will be abnormally high.

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