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Cancer Patients and Health Care

Dec 17th, 2010

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Have you ever once wondered how many individuals are diagnosed with cancer? Has it ever occurred to you the lack the medical health insurance coverage to help them through the necessary life saving treatments? There are thousands of young men and young women in our country today who are dying from some form of cancer only because they lacked the necessary health insurance or the monetary funds to pay for the needed health care.
Who are these invisible individuals? They are our children, our teenagers, our college students, and our recent graduates who lack any affordable health insurance. They are turned away from needed medical health care treatment that could possibly save their lives and continue to go unnoticed unless it is someone in your own family that helps you to see the light.
These are very disheartening statistics when one in four young adults are declared dead. They are dead because they were unable to afford health insurance at any cost. When they finally could not stand the pain of the disease they would try to visit with a medical health care physician through the local community hospital emergency room.
It would be at this time they would be told the diagnosis of cancer and if they had just come in sooner they would have a better chance of survival. When these young adults do visit with a medical health care physician it is usually borderline or past the line of return. They will succumb to a cancer that if it was caught earlier could have been treatable.
Under the new health care reform bill, individuals with pre-existing conditions will no longer be separated from the rest of the population. These are individuals who will receive the necessary treatment regiment they will require to help save their life. A high-risk health insurance pool is going to be established with the ideals that all individuals will receive life saving medical health care treatments when they require the need.
The way the health insurance rules, laws, and regulations are today, there is a waiting period of up to eighteen months. The waiting period pertains to any individual who purchases a health insurance policy and pays the average monthly cost for health insurance.
We are yet to see if this promise for the health insurance recipient will ever come to fruition. It is very unnerving for all the young adults today who are suffering, diagnosed with a form of cancer, and know they will not be alive by 2016 to receive the necessary medical health care treatments they so desperately require today.

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