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Assistance for the Self-Employed

Jan 1st, 2010

self-employedWhen the self-employed becomes unemployed there is still a chance through the state unemployment benefits program where your eligibility for unemployment benefits is possible. You must still keep up with your health insurance coverage though because this is an important factor towards eligibility. The National Unemployment Insurance System does provide funding for state unemployment benefits. This also provides for self-employment assistance which is a state run program manned by volunteers. The current states involved in this benefit program are:

1.               Delaware and Maine

2.               Oregon and New Jersey

3.               Pennsylvania

4.               Maryland and New York

The self-employed, the independent contractor, the small business operator, and the sole proprietor are all eligible to collect benefits for a specific amount of time while they continue to try to get back on their feet and get their small business running. The rules, laws, and regulations follow suit with unemployment benefits. There are a few things you, the independent entrepreneur need to be aware of before researching the possibilities.

1.               Self-employed must pay quarterly taxes for eligibility

2.               Self-employed must provide own employee benefits for eligibility

3.               Self-employed must show proof of medical health care insurance coverage

4.               Self-employed must show proof of disability like the State Ins. Fund

By contacting our healthcare professionals,we go further into detail explaining how to research eligibility requirements and this will only cost you in time. They will also have the ability to explain further how the universal health care will function if voted into place through Congress. This may or may not change the insurance industry as we know it, but the Small Business Administration will always keep up with the latest details for you to read and learn.

At this point, once you establish eligibility you will also have access to a variety of medical insurance plans to see which will suit you best. Then you will have to decide how you want the medical health plan of your choice to work. Do you want a high deductible with low monthly premium payments? Do you want a low deductible with a high monthly premium payment? Much of this will depend on your needs and the needs of your family.

The average monthly cost for health insurance will vary from year to year, but once you sign up for an annual policy the rates will remain the same for the entire year and will be subject for review when the next insurance policy takes effect.


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