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Approach to Health Care

Nov 18th, 2010

health careThe main premise to recalculating the health care system from coast to coast was to lower the cost of health insurance premiums while increasing the availability of the medical health care for all citizens. The first part of the initial agenda was to format a one size fits all standard health insurance policy, which was accomplished.
The next phase of this monster task was to unify the entire health insurance system coast to coast for all citizens to have the same coverage and the same access to medical health care physicians, which is never going to happen.
Already the medical health care physicians were informed they would automatically receive a twenty-one percent decrease in reimbursement payments to help lower the overall costs. This news did not sit well with many of the medical health care physicians and many are now leaving their practice behind to open a new medical practice in a foreign country. Other medical health care physicians are simply retiring.
Promises made to we the people are already being delayed with no new start date in sight when it comes to parents having the ability to add their child or children back on their health insurance policy until the children turn twenty-six years of age. Where is this now leaving their children who sit in limbo?
When the child or children should become ill or injured and require medical assistance is the government going to pay the bills since it is the government’s neglect these children are without low cost health insurance? Are the parents now responsible to scramble to buy an affordable health insurance policy for their children?
What are we the people being left with now? We will have millions more citizens being added to the health insurance rolls and less medical health care physicians remaining available. This is certainly going to lead to a waiting list, but we still are not sure how long the wait time will be.
The medical health care physicians who are left to work in the field will be overwhelmed with patients and trying to balance their own lives. How many more medical health care physicians will throw in the towel and give up because no matter how hard they try they will never satisfy the mass public.
The citizens will also have to resign themselves to remaining as healthy as they possibly can because the opportunity to acquire an appointment with a medical health care physician will be very slim. Most patients will be seeing a registered nurse, a nurse’s aid, a physician assistant, or an osteopathic doctor instead. What kind of help will we the people really be getting now and in the future?

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