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Applying for Health Insurance

Apr 7th, 2010

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Okay, so you have an idea what medical health insurance is because your parents have an insurance policy? You are entering college and it is time for you to acquire a health insurance policy of your own because you intend to play college sports. As a college student on the sports scholarship, you are not sure what kind of insurance policy you need.

According to everything, you learned you would remain on your parent’s medical health insurance policy as long as you remain in college on a full time basis. However, you still want to buy your own insurance policy so you have it right there in the dorm room, where you are now residing. It is time you learned what is available and what it will cost you. There are the managed health care plans like the:

1.    HMO or Health Maintenance Organization

2.    PPO or Preferred Provider Organization

3.    POS or Point of Service

4.    FFS or Fee for Service

Any one of these low cost health insurance plans will more than compensate for the medical insurance policy your parents are carrying for you. In most cases, you will have the ability to add the sports addendum to offer you medical coverage before, during, and after each sports activity in full.

You will come to learn that because of your young age and your fitness in health-related issues you will have little trouble obtaining health coverage with a low average monthly cost for health insurance that you can afford on your own. Some of the issues you will obtain medical coverage for are:

1.    Comprehensive hospitalization coverage

2.    Specialist care in the event of an accident

3.    Emergency care to the hospital and during a hospital stay

4.    Full prescription drug coverage

5.    Regular physical exams

It may take some homework on your part, but you will find medical health insurance that will cover all of your sports activities while attending college. The coverage will also cover you on your way to the sports activity, during the sports activity, and on the return trip back to your dorm room.

Affordable health insurance for sports related activities can become tricky, but at the same time, it is attainable. Perseverance and determination is what usually sees the ardent investigator to obtain what they desire. It is advisable to discuss this issue with your parents too because they may have the ability to help you on your quest.

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