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AMA Supports Health Care Bill

Nov 22nd, 2010

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Are you wondering why the American Medical Association or AMA supported the medical health care bill’s passage through Congress? The American Medical Association represents a very small portion of medical health care physicians. Most of the medical health care physicians are not enrolled with this group because they have situations they would rather develop.
There is one reason why the American Medical Association was so adamant about the passage of the health care bill. The reasoning has to do with the sustainable growth rate. The calculation determines the rate of reimbursement all medical health care physicians receive annually through their services to Medicare patients.
There are other reasons why the American Medical Association saw incentives worthy of their support:
1. Increased Medicare health care payments to primary health care physicians by a margin of five percent
2. An additional five percent pay boost for the primary health care medical physician in designated areas of health shortages
3. A restructured formula for calculating Medicare health insurance reimbursements annually
4. Enlargement of the National Health Service Corps by a sufficient amount to eliminate forty percent of the shortfall sustained by the primary health care physician
5. New scholarship formulas for entry-level medical health care students who decide upon primary health care as their specialty
However, with the added twenty-one percent reduction in reimbursement payments to the medical healthcare provider for assisting Medicare and Medicaid patients it has brought about distaste among those members of the American Medical Association.
In addition to the twenty-one percent deduction in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement health insurance payments, there was another little-known clause stating that another six percent would be deducted per year for the next two years. Now facing a total of a thirty-three percent reduction in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement payments to the medical health care physician had become a big disappointment.
Unfortunately, those currently in the medical healthcare profession are so disillusioned with the outcome of the new healthcare reform bill that they are considering their options. Many have already closed up their medical practice and retired or moved out of the country and now is practicing medical health care in a foreign nation.
What are we left? There will be at a minimum an additional thirty million individuals added to the health insurance rolls with fewer and fewer medical health care physicians to administer to the mass public.

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