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Aug 2nd, 2010

health insuranceDo you know if you are covered through your affordable health insurance policy for a major event that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to return to health? This is a difficult problem for most parents to answer, but what happens when it is one of your children who are requiring major health care?

What we call catastrophic health insurance today we used to call major medical health insurance. The name has changed over the years, but the expensive out of pocket expenses have only increased. Reading your health insurance policy only comes into play when something happens; otherwise, it just sits in the safe or desk drawer collecting dust without giving it any thought.

The low cost health insurance policy you have currently will cover most of the everyday, mundane visits to the medical health care physician, medical prescription medication, hospitalization when it becomes necessary and a few other benefits for an annual cost of up to twenty thousand dollars per year.

Your children are now growing and becoming involved with sports related activities both in school and out of school and you begin to wonder how much coverage they have for sports related activities. After talking with the school, you find that you will need to purchase the health insurance policy for sports related activities through the school.

This is now another expense you were not expecting, but you agree it is necessary. The affordable health insurance coverage your children will receive in the event of a catastrophic accident during a school related activity is:

1. Reduction in the school districts liability exposure

2. Students will receive all the necessary medical health care benefits required

3. A reduction with those students who are uninsured and underinsured

4. An appreciation between the school district and the community

The catastrophic health insurance coverage through the school will offer a variety of coverage including the following:

1. Health care medical coverage during practice sessions and during game play

2. Health care medical coverage up to one million dollars per student

3. Health care medical coverage which includes any incidents that occur during travel to and from a given destination

4. Medical health care limits up to five million dollars per student

5. An insurance policy payment system that goes into affect after the deductible of twenty-five thousand dollars

This very affordable health insurance policy is a secondary policy that becomes effective after the primary health insurance policy carried by the parents has retired its payments.


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