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The Graduate and Health Insurance (Part II)

Dec 2nd, 2009

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There are so many students graduating from college each year. The employment market is full with newly graduated individuals. The one problem is there are so few positions of employment offered to the individual. The graduating student is at the bottom of a long list. Employers burdened with resumes every day and to read them all is next to impossible. Today’s graduate patience is short and finding a place of employment is difficult.  Many now turn to being self-employed. The other problem they are facing is locating low cost health insurance and until they do they remain uninsured. In some articles, they stated that they list a few options open to young graduate entrepreneurs searching for the right medical insurance.

1.      Continue searching for the plan that fits your personal needs and your budget. This will take time, but due diligence will see you through.

2.      Remain independent in your search because an individual insurance plan or a group health insurance plan may be a more effective choice since remaining self-employed.

3.      Filling out various insurance applications, especially through the internet is a dangerous adventure. Choose the insurance companies and stay with the insurance companies you are familiar.

4.      There are permanent long term insurance policy and there are short term insurance policies. Choose wisely the policy that will fit your needs and your budget.

Deciding on the health care insurance policy to fit your needs is arduous, but in the end you will benefit from all the hard work. At the current moment you are uninsured and you do not want to be uninsured for a long time. This will hurt you if you become ill in the interim. Another item to keep in mind is prescription drug coverage to cover the expense of your medication. A dental plan will also be something you will want to look into because dental work today is very expensive. A few of the items to interest you with affordable health insurance coverage in New York:

1.      The average cost ranges as high as $400.00 per month for a young male or female, healthy individual.

2.       Most plans have a co-pay of $15.00 to $35.00.

3.       You have the right to choose your own medical doctor, but first call to find if they accept your insurance carrier.

4.       Includes a prescription drug program and covers generic drugs.

5.      There is full Hospitalization, but there is a deductible to pay and you will have to see if the hospitals in your area accept your insurer.


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