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Insurance Coverage for Small Business

Nov 8th, 2009

insuranceHealthy NY is an insurance program within the borders of New York State with a focus on a few specifically select areas. Those counties in New York State are in the upstate region and this program is a pilot program to offer insurance benefits to three specific groups of residents such as the individuals, the sole proprietors, and the small business owners and operators.

This pilot program serviced through the partnership of United Health Care under the label of Healthy NY Healthcore. The initial program entered into place some years ago and has proven it successful for the many residents living throughout New York. This new pilot program is focusing on those individuals who are both employer and employee. Individuals, sole proprietors, and small business entrepreneurs upon enrollment are eligible for a fifteen percent premium subsidy. When they also fill out a health risk assessment form they may also receive another five percent deduction depending upon the outcome.

Individuals participating in this new pilot program will be eligible to receive low cost health insurance for themselves and their family members as well as the employees. This will explain in detail what insurance covers.

  1. Hospital services for inpatient and outpatient care
  2. Physician services and maternity care
  3. Preventative health services and diagnostics
  4. X-ray benefits and emergency services and more

The services will operate under a network base coverage which means the individual must participate with a medical physician who is also under contract to work under the same health insurance plan. Those who choose to add the prescription drug benefit program has a drug benefit per person of $3000.00 per year with a $100.00 annual deductible.

Inpatient hospital services will carry a co-payment of $500.00; surgical services will price at twenty percent or $200.00.  The outpatient and or ambulatory service is $75.00 while the emergency room is $75.00, but the fee is void when admitted into the hospital. In women’s health the pre-natal care is $20.00 while the well child office visits and immunizations program is at no cost. The prescription drug benefits program offers a $100.00 deductible annually with a $10.00 co-payment on generic base drugs and $20.00 co-payment for the brand name prescription drugs.

Unfortunately for many individuals interested in this new pilot program the stance on pre-existing conditions still remain. The waiting period for pre-conditions is still up to a twelve-month or one year period. Those enrolling in this program will receive all of the other benefits for other mishaps that may occur during the course of the year.


Trying to locate medical health insurance for individuals is a major consideration for individuals who own their own businesses.  The coverage unfortunately is more expensive than it would otherwise be. New entrepreneurs become enlightened very quickly to the task at hand. It is the expense that comes to the self-employed before finding out what the coverage will contain. At this point the newly self-employed will decide if they want to look for an individual policy. If there is a family involved or a few employees a group plan might be more advisable.

Either way, the task at hand is to locate a low cost health insurance beneficial to you and all the people you are considering adding to the insurance policy. Important factors to look for in an insurance policy, not withstanding cost:

  1. The benefits included with hospitalization
  2. The deductible per doctor visit
  3. Is a prescription drug program included
  4. Is a dental plan included with the insurance coverage

These are only a few of the questions for consideration. Another option is to look into a group insurance plan because the annual premium and the monthly premium remains less than an individual insurance plan. Group insurance is an affordable health insurance because there is limited enrollment into the plan. The greater the more individual enrollment into the group insurance plans the greater decrease in cost.  This is only another option for consideration. One can access more information through us.

Another possible option is to inquire about the State of New York’s health insurance for the self-employed. They have an insurance plan to meet the requirements of all the residents. The current laws governing health care in New York has become more involved with the passage of time. The new laws passed over the past few years designed to incorporate all health issues and is a leader in the insurance industry.

The majority of the State of New York focus is on the individual health requirements, but they do have a comprehensive health policy for those individuals who are entrepreneurs. The medical insurance policies in New York are standard with every insurance carrier. The terms vary depending upon the health need of the individual. The more individual membership increases the more affordable health insurance premiums lower, whether annually or in the monthly premium. The point is there is an insurance plan for everyone. Take your time and research the insurance policies. Look for what you require and what is in the insurance policy before making a decision.

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