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The Graduate and Health Insurance (Part I)

Dec 1st, 2009

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Applying for medical insurance is a disturbing task. Young men and women recently graduated from college and beginning an entrepreneurial adventure is another story. Since graduating the health insurance with your parents no longer exists. Parents are no longer able to keep you on their medical policy, as permitted time has lapsed to make a child deduction on their federal return. You are old enough to successfully gain your own self-employment and therefore your own insurance policy. A new journey is about to begin and you are part of the adult world.

Between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four there are approximately eight million uninsured graduating students. The economy today is not well and becoming successfully self-employed is next to impossible. Where do you turn now for assistance to stand on your own two feet? As a resident of New York you do have an opportunity for health coverage because the state is under a “Guaranteed Issue” state. This will help, but it will still take time to research the possibilities. As a young adult there are a few tips you can look into and research to locate affordable health insurance as a new entrepreneur.

1.        Guaranteed issue means the state of New York may not exclude you from a health policy because of health issues.

2.        Research the individual health policies if you are of sound mind and body because this will aid in reducing annual and ultimately monthly payment premiums.

3.         Make a list of agents in your neighborhood. Call and make an appointment to have a face-to-face interview. If you have a pre-existing condition this is the perfect time to discuss the issue.

4.          Surf the internet and try to find information that is pertinent to your specific needs. Fill out the short form applications to access to health insurance quotes applicable to you.

There is so much information you can gather, but it will take time and patience. A good place to begin is here to help you locate the direction in the search. They have many informative suggestions to help make the search for insurance coverage easier. The younger and healthier a person is, the better chance of locating a low cost health insurance policy.

Considering the insurance companies base their insurance policy premiums on age and health status this is an important factor. Many of the insurance companies have enrollment forms self-explanatory and will take a few minutes to fill out. The idea is to locate and enroll into an insurance plan that is right for your needs.

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