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Self-Employment Perks

Nov 27th, 2009

self-employmentThe ever-growing population of the self-employment brings along with it a sort of comfort zone of health insurance options that at one time were unspoken. The current trend is for individuals to pick up the pieces of their lives and invest into a business of their own instead. The ability to make this new adventure work is going to be a challenge especially when getting around to hunting for insurance.

The self-employed and insurance seem to have a quiet feud going on for years now and it is almost next to impossible to acquire a decent policy. Since a few years ago in New York there were almost eight hundred self-employed, entrepreneurs and one-man operations that encompassed most of the Metropolitan area. Everything with the various independent individuals was going fine except the task of trying to acquire medical insurance coverage for themselves, their immediate families and in some cases a few friends and relatives that were working with them.

The hunt for an affordable health insurance took hours away from the actual operation of the business and this is not a benefit for any individual to have to deal. The mass majority of individuals have a spouse who remains employed with a large corporation basically until the small business entrepreneur can get oh his or her feet. Having a spouse employed with a large corporation affords the opportunity to gain comprehensive medical insurance through the spouse’s health policy at a cost that is within the range of affordability.

This is a good beginning in a way because as individuals age, they develop various illnesses that will make it that much more difficult to achieve acquire health care that falls within an affordable range. Individuals who are young and just beginning in the working world will have an easier time in acquiring medical insurance. The way the insurance industry works, the younger an individual is and the healthier the easier it is to shop around and have the ability and the affordability to land a comprehensive medical policy.

Some who are not as fortunate to have a spouse with medical coverage must scout around and gather up the booklets from a variety of sources to locate decent coverage at a cost they can afford.  Through the Freelancers Union a number of individuals were able to successfully attain low cost health insurance at a starting cost of about three hundred dollars a month. The success was in the ability to gain a good, comprehensive medical policy that is there when they need it and the additional bonus of prescription drug coverage.

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