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Self-Employed and a Broken Medical Insurance (Part 1)

Sep 16th, 2009

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The powers that be say we have come a long way, but have we really? Many generations ago having low cost health insurance coverage for the rewards of benefit were unheard of, but today? All of our lives revolve around a variety of medical insurance coverage whether we need it or not. One could almost consider this a societal dependency. To have a family member send for a doctor was reserved for catastrophic events and spending time in a hospital, well that was just out of the question. Most individuals lived out their entire lives and never had contact with a medical professional.

Today the times can be and are difficult. Is it because we have become more educated in the cause and effect of disease? Is it just basic awareness of all that can and usually does go wrong today? Do we have a better understanding of genetic disorders?

Today we have medication for just about everything imaginable, but are this always good or does it burden down society with a never-ending search for the cures? Why is it today when you make an appointment to see a health care practitioner you assign to a litany of tests and exams, which ultimately drive up the cost? We have a silent partner in the medical insurance industry called lawyers who through frivolous lawsuits helped to drive up the cost of medical care and insurance to the point that it is almost unreachable.

Now you mix into the system individual entrepreneurs trying desperately to make it on their own and expand their creativity and the difficulty of affording health insurance coverage is like meandering through and unknown maze. Maybe over competition is also playing a role in all of this and making unnecessary tests necessary to cause competing insurance companies to raise their rates to keep up with the inflated costs that are in demand as newer and newer tests arise on the market.

Many of which have enrolled in various group plans to keep the cost as low as possible, while maintaining basic medical, hospitalization and prescription drug coverage. Group insurance and individual health insurance plans might be something worth looking into.

Group plans offer:

    1. Group plans offer the choice of medical provider and the choice of the associated hospital.
    2. Emergency room benefits usually up to $5000.00 per individual.
    3. Group Prescription Drug Coverage
    4. Reasonably priced Major Medical health insurance plans.


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