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Outside of New York you May be Denied Self employed Health Insurance

May 13th, 2009

New York Self employed Health Insurance

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Health insurance is good to have when you need it; however, when you file a claim you could be turned down on future policies. Just like with any other type of insurance, the companies want to insure people who are not a definite risk to them having to pay out any money on your behalf. Let’s say you stopped working in public work, and now you work for yourself. You no longer get health coverage through your place of work, so you apply for a self employed health insurance  plan . Let’s pretend your application was turned down.
Health insurance providers have their own rules and guidelines that may different from company to company and state to state. Let’s look at some possibilities that might cause a health insurance company to turn down your application. You could be turned down for having a pre-existing condition. If you have hypertension, diabetes, and/or any of the conditions that are considered pre-existing you could be turned down. Health coverage may be denied if you aren’t completely honest on your application. Most health insurance providers need a doctor’s report that you are fit to be insured. If you withhold the truth about a smoking habit, for instance, that can be grounds for an insurance company to turn you down for health insurance for self-employed people.
All health insurance companies in the private sector have something in common; they are businesses, and their goal is to make money. They can’t make money on sick people who need frequent health care. Sick people are a poor risk. Unhealthy people are a poor risk. They want relatively healthy people as clients, because there is less financial risk with healthy people. In a way this is quite ironic since it is the sick that need health coverage the most.
When you have health insurance plan , you pay faithfully on the policy; the insurance provider is taking a risk to insure you. If you are healthy, chances are you won’t need any major medical procedures for a long time. If you are a good risk, then the health insurance company doesn’t lose money on you. But if you are a bad risk, the health insurance provider would lose money on your behalf. Insurance underwriters issue policies for health coverage to healthy people, or people they issue health plans to people with few medical conditions. By avoiding people with serious health conditions the insurance company avoids taking financial risks.
From your point of view: You want to purchase health insurance to protect your assets. If something were to happen where you or a family member needed health care, a policy for health insurance for self-employed people would protect you from being financially ruined.
If you have been turned down for health coverage, and you feel that the company was wrong in their decision, you should contact the health insurance company and ask them to reconsider their decision. Health Insurance companies get their information from the Medical Information Bureau; maybe some of the information is not current. Let’s say the Medical Information Bureau has information about you having chronic respiratory problems related to a smoking habit. That might have been true at one time, but you could have quit smoking 6 months ago, and your health could have improved. It could be as simple as correcting an error in information.

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