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Dec 5th, 2009

businessIndividuals out and about in the working world have been very absorbed in the daily chore of splitting time between employment and home life with little concern for health care. This is probably because while in the employ of a large corporation a minimal amount of income was to collect from the paycheck. It is so easy for any individual to overlook this one small detail. Easy to overlook until the individual is considering purchasing low cost health insurance for a new business just getting started.

At some point this eats away into the individual’s eternal core until something finally snaps. Perhaps a new direction is in order to incorporate eternal peace within. Now is the time for taking that first step and trying your own hand.  Life as an entrepreneur competing joining others in a very busy world. In the beginning the individual might seek out a part time position, but ultimately spending more and more time in your own adventure.

Opening your own business is one of the most difficult things to attempt, but in the long run it is well worth the added effort. The stumbling block is in the addition of health insurance coverage. Over the past few months the individual has managed to research many important factors to opening up a small business and though all the potential problems reached a compromising conclusion the area of insurance still remains monumental.

There is no doubt that employer paid benefits are one of the reasons why the majority of the population remain in a full time employment position.  However, these are the same individuals, now that their children are grown, who are trying their hand at becoming an entrepreneur and even affordable health insurance is causing sticker shock.

The choices left for any new entrepreneur come down to three main points of interest involving individual health insurance coverage. The first choice is to look to your spouse. If your spouse is currently in employ full time there is a very good chance your spouse has full medical benefits and can add you to the employment policy. The second choice is group health coverage. There are many advantages for the solo entrepreneur and the cost is low to help gather more entrepreneurs into the group. This second choice is unavailable in every state so it will mean a little research on the part of the individual.

The third choice available to new entrepreneurs is an individual health plan. These are subject to medical underwriting and the individual will have homework to research with the state offered health plans. Individuals afflicted with a pre-condition may find they are experiencing difficulty, because pre-conditions are unacceptable with most health care providers.

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