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Out of Reach Medical Coverage

Nov 19th, 2009

medical coverageThe hottest topic currently debated in New York is medical insurance for the small business proprietor and the self-employed entrepreneur. Unfortunately it is becoming impossible to attain an affordable health insurance, especially for those individuals who are and remain viral and healthy as well as the elderly population. For the self-employed entrepreneur and the business proprietor the entire situation is in dire straits. It is not only the availability, but also the affordability of New York small business entrepreneur and the self-employed entrepreneur.

The cost for medical insurance is just so out of reach most decide to live and work in New York and forfeit the insurance. The underwriting policies in most states, New York included is obsolete. The practice of the insurance companies having the ability to deny medical health insurance coverage or the ability to charge much higher premiums is in fact unconscionable.

It is becoming very difficult for citizens of New York to attain exhaustive insurance policies for low prices since New York small business insurers are unwilling to take the risk.  A large proportion of employers today are eliminating New York small business insurance benefits leaving their employees in a lurch. The self-employed entrepreneur and the small business proprietor have, if they are fortunate, limited medical coverage with a very high price tag attached.

Through here, we try to explain and deliver details of how expensive the health care insurance system is in New York. Below is a small example of the high cost for medical health coverage. This is contingent on a healthy couple with no pre-existing conditions attached and includes all the standard coverage such as hospitalization, co-payments, office visits, prescription drug coverage, and 60-40 payout ratio.

1.               Husband and Wife 21-31 years old                            $842.00 dollars per month

2.               Husband and wife 31 -41years old                            $886.00 dollars per month

3.               Husband and wife 41-51 years old                            $878.37 dollars per month

4.               Husband and wife 51-61 years old                      $1000.00  dollars per month

Considering these figures it is no wonder why the small business proprietor and the self-employed entrepreneur are discontinuing their medical insurance until a more affordable, low cost health insurance plan is in the offering. Many small business proprietors and self-employed entrepreneurs are at the brink of dropping their medical insurance coverage in New York.

Some are even considering moving to another state in the region for the sake of obtaining health benefits for an effectively lower rate with more comprehensive coverage. At the present time the medical insurance providers are re-rating insurance policies on a quarterly basis to track the financial performance through the annual cycle.

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