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Six Tips To Get Off Your Chair And Improve Your Health

Feb 22nd, 2013

Get Off Your Chair And Improve Your HealthIf you’re an average American, chances are you’re spending most of your day sitting down. You sit in your workplace, going to and from work, and watching TV or surfing the web.

Several studies have shown that sitting too much can cause major health problems and can offset the benefits of your workout. The following are some ways you can avoid sitting too much throughout the day:

Here are tip to help you get off your chair and improve your health

Use a standing desk
Standing desks can help office workers, especially those who sit for long periods, burn more calories. These desks can also help you stay focused since standing makes it harder to slump over. Ask your manager if you can switch to a standing desk.

Making the switch may not be as expensive either. You can choose from several inexpensive models available or you can modify your existing desk by adding an adjustable lap desk extension.

Drink from small cups
Using small cups forces you to get up from your desk more often. Standing up to refill your water frequently helps you move more during your working hours.

Take movement breaks
Sneak tiny workouts throughout your day by making it a point to get up and move every hour or so. Use a timer to remind yourself when it’s time to move. Stand up when you’re on the phone, walk up to your colleague to deliver a message instead of using a instant messaging, or just stretch your muscles.

Stand up in meetings
Leaders should encourage their team to stand up during meetings. This will help everybody burn more calories and will likely make meetings shorter. You can even hold walking meetings outdoors for better results.

Stop watching TV
Our TV time continues to increase every day. Americans are now watching an average five hours of television each day. Do your body a favor and get off that couch. Instead of staring at the screen, use the time to do household chores, play with your kids, or walk around the block. There are several healthier alternatives to sitting down.

When watching TV, don’t go for long stretches without taking the some time to move. Get up and move during breaks. Small movements will make a huge difference at the end of the day. How often you move during the day really counts.

Avoid convenience
Our desire to make everything more convenient brought us to the mess we’re currently in. Our physical activities are going down every year. Simply avoiding technological conveniences and going back to the old-fashioned way can add more movement into your day.


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