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Health Benefits of Yoga And Meditation

May 7th, 2013

Health benefitsYoga and meditation offer several health benefits for the mind and body. Yoga mixes meditation with moderate to intense physical activity by synchronizing challenging poses with breathing. Standalone meditation can also be done by simply relaxing and releasing negative thoughts from your mind. Concentrating on a mantra or phrase will help you increase self-awareness and connect with your inner self.

known health benefits of yoga and meditation: Stress reduction

Meditation and yoga help calm the mind and body to allow for deeper relaxation and tranquility. Stress can come from anywhere – work, school, family, and relationships. Meditation can quickly eliminate negative emotions and reduce stress you may have.

The body produces powerful chemicals in response to stress. Although this process is vital to our survival, a buildup of these internal toxins can lead to heart disease, obesity, and other major health problems. Meditation helps reduce the overload of stress and toxins by literally detoxifying and healing the mind and body.

Increased fitness

Yoga increases self-awareness, allowing you to focus on your physical fitness more. Doing yoga poses can be challenging, but it will help you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Incorporating yoga and meditation into your daily life will help you make improved dietary choices and increase your capacity for physical activities.

Management of health conditions

Several studies have shown that yoga and meditation help relieve symptoms of chronic health problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety, and some cancers. According to the Mayo Clinic, yoga and meditation reduce heart rate and blood pressure, improve quality of sleep, and enhance overall mood – all of which boost immunity and improve general health. Consult your doctor if you have health issues and plan to manage them through yoga and meditation.

Weight loss

Practicing yoga and meditation regularly can help improve your lifestyle. When you improve your focus, become self-aware, and feel better every day, choosing a healthy lifestyle gets easier. You will find that nasty habits like overeating, drinking alcohol, eating the wrong kinds of food are easier to eliminate. You will also be motivated to exercise to lose extra weight.


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