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The Threat of Health Care Rationing

Feb 2nd, 2012

Health care rationing

The threat of medical care and health care rationing is very real and it is becoming more real with every day that passes. Cancer patients will find it more difficult to get an appointment with their medical health care physician because now the Internal Revenue Service will be involved. There are other government agencies who will also be involved. These other government agencies will be the individuals who will decide if your medical care physician can continue on the path he or she is on to help you heal.

Yes, your medical health physician is mandated to turn over his or her medical health records that pertain to your medical case. Then the waiting game will ensue until this board of seventeen government individuals make a decision on your fate based on weighing your medical history and your current low cost health insurance policy. Can you imagine that a board made of seventeen individuals will now be in charge of deciding the life and death fate of millions of United States citizens?

The medical health physician is mandated to call the government entity that is in charge of making all decisions based on medical records and current health insurance and then send you home until the medical health physician receives a reply of what the next step will be. Of course, over time this art will be refined to the point where the patient will hardly realize who is making the final decision. For the time being though, it will seem to be a little archaic.

In the future, there will be standard one size fits all medical and universal health care answers that will cover a wide range of ailments and illness for the medical health physician to follow. The bulk of the decision process will be based on your age, your current state of health, the reason you requested an appointment to see a medical health physician and your current weight.

The future medical health physician guidelines will be determined through a rulebook that every medical health physician will keep as a reference book. The insurance providers will be in charge of keeping all forms of insurance costs down to a minimum and will also be issued specified guidelines to follow. Then there are the medical prescription drugs that will slowly be removed from the pharmacy.

Most of the affordable health insurance prescriptions will remain, but those that are very expensive will be pulled from the various pharmacies and that will only serve to complicate matters even more. What will happen when your prescription medication is cancelled and there is no replacement medication?


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