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Receiving Medical Care

Feb 2nd, 2012

medical careBefore the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there was a variety of ways for all citizens in each state of the union to receive and benefit from the medical care that was in place. Most states had Medicaid health insurance plans that were specific for children of all ages, our senior citizens, individuals who were in between employment, the chronically ill, and many other areas that are just too numerous to continue naming.

There are other occasions when you receive a major injury that you could not wait for Monday to roll around to make an appointment with a medical care physician. What did you do? Well, if you were unable to drive yourself, you asked someone to drive you to the nearest local community hospital and you registered with the emergency room personnel.

Will you be able to do the same thing now under the health care reform bill? Will you be relegated to the back of the room and out of frustration leave only to return home and struggle through until Monday finally arrives? When you make the telephone call to your medical health physician, how long will you have to wait before you can get in to the medical office?

Are you one of the rebellious individuals who refused to purchase even a low cost health insurance policy simply because you are now mandated? There are plenty of penalties and fines to go around to all individuals who decide not to purchase a government run insurance policy.

Will you even have the opportunity to see the medical health physician you were accustomed to seeing? Will the Internal Revenue Service deny you the needed medical care until you make an appointment with the medical health physician they designate? It seems there are more questions than there are answers.

The penalty fine issued to each individual without the mandated universal health insurance will incrementally rise to two percent of the annual gross income. How well will this work for those indigent individuals who live freely around the country and occasionally visit the YMCA or the YWCA to take a bath and receive a night of sleep?

How can you mail a penalty fee to those individuals who do not have an apartment, house, trailer, or a mailing address of any kind? The reform bill has yet to address these specific issues. There are so many questions with so few answers.

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