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Health Insurance Reform

Feb 2nd, 2012

Health insurance reformThe pride and joy of the government has been recently born and it is incrementally causing havoc from coast to coast. We the people are now expected to purchase an insurance policy not that will help we the people, but that will fill the half-empty coffers of the government pockets. So the federal government has finally devised a new plan to take more or our hard-earned money to spend of themselves.

Universal health care has been slowly seeping into this fine country for decades and now it has arrived, but at what good? Most individuals will be burdened by the cost of their once affordable insurance and have no use for it. This entire adventure was only to find a way to confiscate which is the government’s middle name.

Now the question to ask is when, if, and how we the people will be able to rescind the entire health care bill and reset the proverbial clock before it is too late. Unfortunately, it will take time, but once the funding for specific areas of the health insurance reform are unfunded it will lay in limbo and that may not be such a bad thing.

Some affordable health insurance prescription medications have already been taken off the market because of the high cost. How many individuals will suffer or worse because the medication they require for their very survival is no longer available? The insurance providers are currently going through their list of medications and making a list of all that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars per month. Where does that leave you?

All the years of medical advancements and refined technology that has entered the medical health field will soon be laid to waste because to utilize them on patients simply cost too much. Will it even matter which health insurance you choose? We the people are not exactly living through the best of economies.

More individuals and families will be hurt now that the health reform bill was passed than will be helped. Much of what we know today will slowly disappear and by the time the majority realize what it happening, too much time will have passed.

The renewal low cost health insurance policies are coming with a five thousand dollar, eight thousand dollar, and ten thousand dollar deductible. This translates into an affordable insurance policy that is anything but affordable. More individuals are going to be hurt instead of helped, but maybe that is by design.

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