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Liver Cancer Prescription Medication

Feb 2nd, 2012

Liver cancer prescription medicationAnyone who has a family member or a close friend suffering with liver cancer understand all that the individual must tolerate to find answers. Along with the traditional medical treatments is a new treatment called genomic. This is a new method for identifying the cancer causing agents that are causing the liver cancer to grow and spread. This is one of the new medical health care breakthroughs within the medical health community and is proving to be fruitful.

This new method of liver cancer prescription medication is not listed with the insurance providers, as it is still in the experimental stage. This is the same procedure with all introductory low cost health insurance prescriptions or new treatment therapies until the treatment procedures and medical prescriptions are proven to be solvent.

The new and innovative liver cancer medical prescriptions and treatments are targeted to locate the one agent that is causing the individual to be ill. Once the agent or gene has been positively targeted, the medical health physician knows the proper course of treatment for the best outcome.

Currently, there are about sixty-five thousand deaths per year around the world that is attributed to liver disease. The sooner the medical health community can positively identify the gene and have the proper health insurance prescription medication or medications created and available the treatment will be more successful than it has been in the past.

To date there are two compounds that have been identified by medical health researchers that appear to be a promising component for the future. Yes, it remains an experimental prescription medication. This will make it difficult for all patients to afford at the current time.

The affordable health insurance providers will be watching closely to monitor the outcome after a number of years have passed before they add the two compounds to their list of acceptable prescription medications for the insured. The two compounds are Resveratol, and Allylamino Geldanamycin. Interestingly, Resveratol is a component found in red wine and acts as an inhibitor to the liver cancer cells.

The insurance providers are watching closely and factoring the cost into the health insurance quotes. The results and perhaps addition of this medication to the list of acceptable medications for liver cancer patients will help to increase the survival rate. The medical health community is very excited towards the promise that this will reveal to all who suffer from liver cancer. Allylamino Geldanamycin is another new contributor that will help fight the cancer cells, but has not been tested with patients who suffer from liver cancer.

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