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Health Insurance Exchange

Feb 2nd, 2012

health insurance exchangeOne of the areas of self-employed health insurance is with the health insurance exchange when it is set up and operational. This may seem to be a vital avenue to travel down and enroll, but when you begin to look closer, you will find disappointment. The health care exchanges that are a vision within The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not be of much use to the self-employed.

These are basically set up to raise additional revenue for the states while only offering minimal health care coverage for the individual. There will be a tax on all medical devices, medical prescription medication, and a tax on all health insurance policies that exceed the government regulation health insurance.

Those who are searching for an affordable health insurance policy through the health insurance exchange will find they will only be covered for the most basic rudimentary health care needs. Gone will be the days of major catastrophic surgeries and a visit with a medical health care physician. Those self-employed entrepreneurs who find they were diagnosed with one or more pre-existing conditions will be pushed aside and left to care for themselves.

Other active individuals in search of self-employed health insurance who are with the age bracket of forty-five years of age and sixty-four years of age will also be hit with an addition tax because of their age. These are the individuals and the self-employed who will be expected to pay an additional fee of two hundred dollars per annual health insurance policy. If you are wondering why, it is because of age only. The government assumes that the older an individual becomes, the more health care issues begin to develop.

Of course, if you already have one or more pre-existing conditions you may be expected to pay even more. This of course will depend on what your ailments are and what the Internal Revenue Service deems a threat to society. The additional medical health care attention you require will eventually determine how much higher your personal health insurance tax will climb. This amount will be determined upon the deductions for self-employed health insurance that are claimed on your Internal Revenue Service form 1040, which is filed annually.

Eventually, the self-employed searching for a comprehensive self-employed health insurance will find their way through the maze to the government run single payer health insurance system. This will be their last opportunity to purchase an affordable health insurance policy without having to pay additional penalties and fines.

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