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Health Insurance Costs Rising

Feb 2nd, 2012

Health insurance costs risingThe health care reform bill was explained away to the mass population as a tremendous cost saver with health care coverage for all. Every citizen will have equal health care coverage for a minimal cost that will easily fit into every household budget, unlike what the current health insurance providers are able to offer.

We the people have been told over and over how we will receive more health care coverage and of course, better health care coverage, all while keeping the average monthly cost for health insurance much lower than it is currently. How far from the truth, we have evolved with the current health insurance costs rising; premiums doubling in price and in some cases tripling in price.

The higher the annual health insurance premiums rise, the more employers will consider eliminating health insurance coverage for their employees. Maybe this is exactly what they government is waiting for so they can step up to the plate and offer the government-run single payer health insurance for everyone. This will be a much better health insurance system right.

Hundreds of thousands of current annual health insurance subscribers are receiving a sticker shock jolt that is unnecessary except for the fear that the health insurance provider will soon be out of business now that the government is stepping in and producing a much better health insurance option for the mass population.

Some individuals are of the belief that the next four years are the last chance the health insurance providers have to maintain control over the health insurance policies they offer to their subscribers and the cost controls. The medical health care physicians are observing this situation unfold and fear they will also be left unpaid when all is said and done.

The expansion of growth to the current Medicaid health insurance system and a few tax credits for large corporations and small businesses is what the government is offering to try to control a situation that is spiraling out of control. What is really unnerving is that the entire health insurance industry was not broken. There are a few areas that need to have a closer look, but the health insurance structure that is currently in place has been the envy of the world.

Once the full transition into the government-run health insurance system is in place, will we still be the envy of the world? Will our health insurance industry become so diluted that it becomes virtually worthless except that the government will continue to receive your premium payments? In the end, was this a back door approach to confiscate more of your earned income?

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