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Five Simple Tips to Cut Down On Sugar Intake

Nov 6th, 2012

Simple Tips to Cut Down On SugarExcessive sugar consumption is one of the main reasons you don’t have your ideal body weight and you can’t achieve your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, you may not be aware of exactly how much sugar you consume because it may be camouflaged in some food you regularly eat. In addition, some people find it hard to break their sugar-rush addiction. Emotional eaters and people who tend to eat unhealthy snacks are likely to eat sugar-rich food that can add inches to their waistlines, keeping them from attaining their goals.

Follow these simple tips to cut down on sugar consumption effectively:

1. Set your ground rules.

First off, you need to define your rules regarding your daily sugar intake. For example, you may want to limit the sugar you add to your coffee to one teaspoon. You can also do away with the added sugar if you take you coffee with donuts, cookies, cakes, or other sweet treats. Avoid eating heavy desserts or sugar-rich foods after meals. If it’s really unavoidable, only eat half a serving or less.

2. Cut down slowly and steadily.

Abruptly cutting sugar out of your daily intake will make it more difficult to maintain a low-sugar diet in the long run. Sugar provides a burst of energy and we may become habitually dependent on it. Eliminating sugar suddenly will only cause you to crave it even more. Gradually decrease your daily sugar consumption until you have reached your targeted amount.

3. Change your perception of sugar.

Sugar is not your enemy. Your goal is not to conquer your cravings, but to use them to your advantage. Changing your perception about sweet foods will help your sugar-cutting goals sustainable. You can use sugary treats as an incentive for having achieved your weekly goals. You can reward your efforts with a few sweet treats now and then, just make sure you don’t break your rules. Your progress might be slower, but this will help you sustain your goals.

4. Satisfy cravings with sweet but not sugary foods.

Naturally sweet foods are great substitutes for sugary treats. You can snack on apples, bananas, and other fruits to make sure your body gets enough energy and stave off your cravings. Fruits are naturally sweet and are healthier than food rich in refined or artificial sugar. Stock up on natural fruit juices and other healthy sugar replacements like honey and agave nectar.

5. Beware of foods that hide their sugar content.

Avoid packaged foods that are not clearly labeled and hide their actual sugar content. Breakfast cereals may be healthy and convenient, but the frosted variety can contain too much sugar which can lead to increase in body weight if consumed regularly. Stay away from food products that contain glucose syrups. Read labels carefully and do further research to make better food choices.

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