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The Challenge of Acquiring Self Employed Health Insurance

Jul 1st, 2011

self employed health insuranceWhy is it that statistically the self employed entrepreneurs and single adults have the most difficult time acquiring a New York health insurance policy to meet their requirements should they need assistance with the payments of medical bills, including hospitalization costs? Most adults have a choice of measures for acquiring health insurance coverage. Some will receive health insurance through employment, as long as the employer is offering health insurance as part of the hiring package.

The question is how self-employed and small business owners who are creative and innovative individuals acquire self employed health insurance that will also be affordable with maximum medical coverage. Other adults will receive health insurance coverage through marriage because usually one spouse will have insurance coverage and can add the other spouse and children to the same policy. Still, there are other adults who will have the ability to acquire health insurance coverage through being a member of a sports team, a professional group, or a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Now, not all Chamber of Commerce is able to offer health insurance coverage to all their members so it would be wise to investigate the one that is in your area. Unfortunately, self employed health insurance along with individual insurance is very expensive and offers only the basic medical coverage. Because the insurance providers have nothing to weigh the statistics pertaining to such a small group. Yet, one might wonder why all of the self employed entrepreneurs of each state did not try to form a group by joining together in order to be eligible for group health insurance.

Why has this unique approach never been considered?  Especially today, when there are thousands of self-employed entrepreneurs in most states across the country. Can you even begin to imagine how inexpensive comprehensive affordable health insurance coverage would be if all self-employed entrepreneurs formed their own group and applied for health insurance coverage as one large group? Major medical issues such as the pre-existing medical conditions would no longer be a factor.

To offer one person in a group, health insurance coverage is offering all members of that group the identical health insurance coverage with no preliminary waiting period of the customary twelve to eighteen month waiting period. Perhaps, these are issues for all self employed health entrepreneurs and small business owners to research. However, this will also have to coincide with the rules and laws of the new Affordable Care Act, but it is still worth investigating.

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