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Value of Health Insurance

Jul 7th, 2010

health insurance The average monthly cost for health insurance continues to rise and yet we are continually told how the health care costs are coming down. Everyone across the board is paying more for health insurance premiums and for medical health care assistance from the community medical physician.

Some professionals are expressly moved into a group health insurance to bring down the out of pocket expense and the expense of the health insurance provider through their employer. Yet, the cost on all levels continues to rise. The health insurance premiums become more expensive every time they are renewed.

The out of pocket expenses to the medical health care physician continues to rise while being told the cost will come down when employees come together and buy into a group health insurance. What you once expected or took for granted have been quietly disappearing to the point where you are paying a high price each year for health insurance.

The coverage you once received has disappeared and you are amazed to find you are actually protected for very few services. This would make anyone question the importance of attaining a health insurance policy in the first place. When you submit, a health insurance claim for an injury received you still run the risk of being denied payment to your health care provider.

What is the value of your health insurance policy to you? Whether you have individual health insurance coverage or group health insurance coverage, through your employer or local Chamber of Commerce, you are still paying a very high bill annually. Would it be better to deposit this money into a special account for use when you require additional funds?

As a professional individual, are you also required to purchase an affordable health insurance policy for your spouse and children? Have you also considered an extended low cost health insurance policy as an addendum to your current health insurance policy?

This will help to defray some of the medical health care cost you will incur after you reach the age of retirement from the employment, which offered you good fortune. You must continue to renew the health insurance policy for your family, but this added protection will also offer peace of mind that individuals and employees of the past were not privy. It is because they suffered after they left their long time employ, that you are offered the option today. In some ways, the traditional affordable health insurance policy is more of a hindrance to you, but on the other hand, it does have value as you approach the age of retirement.

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