Предложения в штате Нью-Йорк Медицинская страховка

Фев 17th, 2011

Written into The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are a few provisions detailing who in the country are going to be responsible for paying for the cost of this universal health care or single payer insurance. There are a few areas of the medical health reform bill dedicated to taking money from one group […]

Фев 8th, 2011

Reforming the health care reform bill is going to be a very daunting task because of the enormity of the health bill in its entirety. There are also pending difficulties that will continue to keep certain factions of the bill in place longer than anyone wants. The consensus across the entire nation is to have […]

Фев 7th, 2011

All the town hall gatherings and speeches to preach to the public and assure every one that we need the passage of the health reform bill to lower the cost of insurance and improve the quality of the delivery of medical care. The health reform bill was signed into law March 2010 and it has […]

Фев 4th, 2011

We as a nation have already begun to find out some of the information that is wrapped into the over two thousand pages of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It will still take the next few years to fully absorb all the health changes both known and unknown before we can come to […]

Май 3rd, 2010

Universal health care after you try to read all the information there is on this topic suggests it is not all that it is built up to be. The building blocks for a utopian society, has been tried before and does not hold up. Communal systems do work when there are a small number of […]

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