Предложения в штате Нью-Йорк Медицинская страховка

Окт 29th, 2009

Through all the new changes of the state and federal laws, it makes it much easier now for self-employed individuals with pre-existing conditions to attain or continues to possess their current medical healthcare coverage. This will now fall under a new law HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This particular act has now […]

Окт 28th, 2009

Self-employed and family medical insurance is a preferred type of insurance coverage made available to all entrepreneurs and their families. This is for the insurance companies to sell direct to the individual forming a bound contract between the person and the insurance provider. This is the specialized, though very expensive insurance policy available to the […]

Окт 27th, 2009

The recent changes in the medical health system it seems will help many Americans, not just New York entrepreneurs to finally receive comprehensive affordable health insurance. The majority of the insurance corporations is developing a new and innovative way to reduce the cost of annual insurance premiums and is trying to make it available to […]

Окт 26th, 2009

Child Health Plus has no monthly premium charge for families with income that is less than 1.6 times the poverty level or about $563 a week for a family of three, about $678 for a family of four. Families that have higher incomes are required to pay a monthly premium, which is based on the […]

Окт 23rd, 2009

New York State offers a health insurance plan for children called Child Health Plus.  This program depends on the family income to decide whether the children may be qualified to join either Child Health Plus or Children’s Medicaid.  These programs are available through dozens of health insurance provides through New York States. In order to […]

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