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Май 21st, 2013

health insurance tips

You might have your health plan but do not know how to use it to your advantage. Most people do not fully understand how their benefits work. This confusion leads some people to lose money, pay more for care, or get their claims denied. Here are some ways to make your health plan work to […]

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Май 29th, 2009

Besides the advantage of being your own boss, one of the added benefits of being self-employed in New York is the ability to purchase a health insurance plan specifically for the self-employed. What defines this insurance market is that the self employed create their own work, or as sub-contractors, run an assortment of businesses and […]

Май 29th, 2009

When you are self-employed you have no one to fall back on but yourself. More than likely, you can’t even buy a burger and a fries until you know you have earned enough to meet all your financial obligations. Heaven forbid if you lacked health insurance because you felt you couldn’t afford it. New Hampshire […]

Май 29th, 2009

Do not make the mistake of opening a new business or going into business for yourself in the state of Florida and think that you can get insured immediately. Even though you may want to take care of everything at once, the window for applying for a self-employed health insurance plan is not open all year round. […]

Май 29th, 2009

I’m Self-employed; Can I Insure Myself with Health Coverage? As any self-employed individual knows, health plan rates are very high. You may be paying for health coverage that you will rarely even use. Some self-employed people decide to invest in themselves, rather than making the insurance companies rich. It often makes more sense to invest […]

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