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Окт 25th, 2012

A recent study suggests alcoholics die earlier than smokers. Alcohol-dependent individuals, especially women, may lead even shorter lives compared to smokers. Researchers from Germany found that among alcohol-dependents, the mortality rates were 1.9 times higher in men and 4.6 times higher in women, compared with the general population. For the study, published online in the […]

Окт 23rd, 2012

Smokers lighting up in their cars release pollution levels that exceeds World Health Organization limits even with open windows and the air conditioning switched on. The study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, said that smoking in an automobile is harmful to passengers as fine particulate matter is released and circulated in the confined indoor […]

Окт 22nd, 2012

Diet and exercise raise good cholesterol and are important for diabetics in order to avoid the complications of their disease. They are not only essential for weight control, but a new study suggests they also influence fat cells to secrete a hormone that increases the production of good cholesterol. The study, published in the online edition […]

Окт 18th, 2012

The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate requires employers with fifty or more employees to provide health insurance coverage to their workers or face penalties. This provision aims to help most Americans get health coverage through their employers. However, for those who cannot afford health insurance on their own, this law may have the opposite effect. […]

Окт 17th, 2012

A recent study links women’s mercury exposure during pregnancy to increased risk in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) traits in their children. The same study also said that women who ate enough fish had a lower risk of giving birth to children with the disorder. The study was recently published in the Archives of Pediatrics […]

Окт 16th, 2012

Heavy smokers and drinkers may develop early pancreatic cancer compared to those who do not drink or smoke, a recent study has found. Pancreatic cancer is often considered as a “silent” disease because it rarely shows early symptoms or disease-specific symptoms at later stages until it’s too late. The average age of diagnosis for the […]

Окт 7th, 2012

Eating too much junk food may increase the risk for stroke and premature death, according to a new research. According to researchers in Canada, this type of food, which is high in fat, salt, and sugar, is a «health time bomb.» The study will be presented next week at the Canadian Stroke Congress in Calgary. […]

Окт 5th, 2012

Lack of sleep among teenagers may be linked to heart problems later in life, a new study finds. The study, which appears in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, surveyed 4,100 healthy teenagers in Ontario to assess their quality of sleep. Researchers found that one-third of those with sleep problems such as lack of sleep, restlessness, […]

Окт 4th, 2012

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 includes tax penalties in 2016 for Americans who refuse to purchase health care insurance. It was estimated that 4 million Americans will be affected by this mandate. Now, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the numbers can be 50 percent higher than originally expected. The group said […]

Сен 27th, 2012

The time of your exercise plays an important role when you want to lose weight. Researchers have found that 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous of early morning exercise can curb a person’s appetite. For the study, scientists from BYU measured 35 women volunteers’ reaction to food images by recording their neural activities. Readings were […]

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