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Oct 15th, 2009

Unlike many other plans to apply for the Family Health Plus Plan for health insurance you will be required to have a personal interview at which time you will also be required to complete an application form and provide various pieces of information.  At the same time, you will be expected to pick which health […]

Oct 13th, 2009

The Family Health Plus program is a fantastic health insurance program that offers health insurance coverage to single adults, couples who do not have children, and parents who are citizens of United States, or immigrants who qualify under one of the immigration programs and categories.  If you already have health insurance coverage through municipal, state, […]

Oct 12th, 2009

A lot of people don’t realize that one of the best places in the United States to live is in New York state. Surprisingly, for such a populous area, New York State has some of the best public health insurance plans available in the whole country. As well as the best family health insurance programs, […]

Sep 25th, 2009

The Independent Order of Foresters is what is called a friendly society.  A friendly society is a mutual society, or a fraternal organization.  The main purpose of these organizations is to provide life and health insurance. In earlier times before the modern insurance companies, it was the friendly societies that provided benefits to their communities.  […]

Sep 24th, 2009

Basically there are two types of disability insurance that a self-employed individual would consider in his or her overall health care package.  The first type of disability is short-term disability and the second is long-term disability. The waiting period to get on either is different.  With short-term disability a self-employed individual would be able to […]

Sep 22nd, 2009

Health insurance costs are on the rise while growth and employment is at an all time low.  There is no secret that the US economy, is suffering during these recession times.  The same holds true for other global economies as well. However, most western economies have a universal system for medical care, which is funded […]

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