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Mar 25th, 2010

Individual health insurance today is almost impossible to find if you are searching for an affordable health insurance policy. For obvious reasons the two do not go together because there is virtually nothing to compare. The one key factor that all insurance providers look for is a way to compare one individual’s health care needs […]

Mar 24th, 2010

Group health insurance plans are very popular with employers and of course employees over the high cost and limited coverage of individual health plans. There are a number of health care plans that have become very popular over the past few years. 1.    Health Savings Account or HSA 2.    Cafeteria Health Savings Plans 3.    Point […]

Mar 23rd, 2010

A comprehensive health insurance plan is one that will cover a multitude of illnesses and injuries at a cost that is beneficial for the insured and the individuals and families enrolled in the system. Now, depending upon the type of coverage the individual selects will determine the average monthly cost for health insurance. Even when […]

Mar 22nd, 2010

Private health insurance coverage today is on its last set of legs. At one time, it was a very popular way to provide low cost health insurance for yourself and your family members. Not all that long ago it was families that took care of each other and did whatever they had to do to […]

Mar 19th, 2010

There are many people today that believed Medicare services are superior to any other form of health care. The realities are that it is not more superior. Medicare is owned and operated by the government. Perhaps if this were left to the independent insurance carriers it would run more efficiently, but this is not the […]

Mar 16th, 2010

What is it that will cause insurance rates to increase for one individual, yet remain stagnant for another? Why is one individual forced to hunt for an affordable health insurance plan while another individual is receiving advertising through the mail on a regular basis? Yet, there are still many individuals without any medical insurance coverage. […]

Mar 5th, 2010

Major medical health insurance policies and minor medical health insurance policies are becoming very popular throughout the high school, colleges, and universities. Many participating players are becoming advocates for medical coverage while participating with campus activities because of the level and severity of injuries sustained.

Navigating through the maze of “on field” and “off field” affordable health insurance markets is a test like no other. However, this is how one learns what is available in medical coverage, medical requirements, and medical costs for the coverage searching. There are many helpful tips to guide you through the health insurance process and help you make the necessary decisions that will best suit your individual or teammate needs.

Nov 23rd, 2009

  Within the borders of New York State it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a quality health insurance plan to protect self-employed individuals from catastrophic events that will occur. The current belief among the populous is once they have medical health insurance coverage for any illness or accident they have satisfied a personal need. […]

Oct 30th, 2009

In today’s ever-fast paced environment we have many issues that require addressing, especially the issue of modern health provisions for all citizens. There seem to be so many citizens, including the entrepreneurs of New York who are without the necessary provisions of an insurance provider. Unfortunately, the stark reality today is that nine out of […]

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