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Jul 26th, 2010

With regard to health insurance coverage plans there are a number of issues, which are candidates for denial. Of course, most of these conditions of denial refer to the pre-existing conditions, but they are denials of health insurance benefits just the same. You can be denied health insurance coverage for a pre-existing condition for up […]

Jul 13th, 2010

The state of obesity whether with concerns regarding children or concerning adults seems to be taking center stage on the national realm? There is a number of health care issues that stem from obesity, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Obesity has been brought up in conversation with medical health care physicians, […]

Jul 12th, 2010

Those individuals who are employed and have access to affordable health insurance are the fortunate individuals in society. There are other individuals who have low cost health insurance through Medicare and then there is Medicaid for the less fortunate. These individuals will have basic health insurance coverage at best and when there are, children involved […]

Jul 6th, 2010

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was officially signed into law on March 23, 2010 will change the current health insurance coverage and the way we the people perceive health care. Though most citizens are uncertain when this new ideology will occur, it will be phased in through small increments over the next […]

Jun 25th, 2010

Health insurance black listing comes into play for those individuals who are trying to purchase health insurance and have one or more pre-conditions. Pre-existing conditions are the tool the health insurance industry uses to refuse health insurance to any individual they choose. The difficulty is that no one really knows what a pre-existing condition is […]

Jun 21st, 2010

Have your high school and college age children pleaded with you to enroll in a school team sport? Do your children and you have a full understanding of all that is involved? Are you aware that you, the parent, are still ultimately responsible for any health care related injuries that may occur? Children today are […]

Jun 15th, 2010

How many years have you been with the same health insurance provider? Does it correspond with how long you have been with your current employer? After so many years of having your health insurance premiums deducted through your payroll, are you now receiving a letter explaining why you are being canceled? Are you confused? Were […]

Jun 14th, 2010

Where do you turn when you find yourself disabled and no longer able to hold down employment? Whether you became disabled because of an accident or a life-long illness that has finally taken its toll, can you apply for Medicare health care services even though you have not reached the age of sixty-five? Well, you […]

Jun 2nd, 2010

How many individuals and families have wondered which one is the better path to follow? Their personal medical health insurance requirements are considered average and there are no chronic illnesses at the moment. Many individuals and families automatically opt for the higher deductible because this is what they hear from friends, family members and their […]

May 31st, 2010

How do you manage your health care costs when you are short on financial funding month to month? How are you able to pay for health insurance when you no longer have the finances you once had? You were employed for the last sixteen years and now you find that you are unemployed and unemployment […]

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