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Jan 26th, 2010

All individuals entertaining the thought of becoming active in sports and for those already active in sports understands the consequences they face upon injury. However, there is available individual health insurance for anyone who wants to inquire. Sports medical coverage is more expensive than the average insurance policy, but that is because it is offering […]

Jan 25th, 2010

Unlike a traditional insurance policy the Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special tax-shelter savings account. This is to combine with a high-deductible health insurance plan to withdraw when necessary to pay for qualifying medical expenses.

Jan 22nd, 2010

Considered by many as the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky’s career spanned more than twenty years from 1978 to 1999. And it is because of that fame he has earned the nickname, The Great One. During his years as a player he was involved with several different teams. They included the Edmonton Oilers from […]

Jan 21st, 2010

A quarterback who took the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowls and championships during his fourteen years with that team. He would spend his last two years with the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe Montana is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks to have played the game. Twice, in the year 1989 and […]

Jan 20th, 2010

Cal Ripken Jr. earned himself the name of Iron Man during his nineteen years as a professional baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles. He had a well-earned reputation for not missing games no matter whether he was injured or regardless of how he felt. And his standard of commitment resulted in his surpassing the legendary […]

Jan 19th, 2010

Shaquille O’Neal is regarded by many as one of the most dominant players in NBA history. His towering 7 ft I in frame has also made him one of the largest players to ever have played in the NBA. During his seventeen years in the NBA he has continue to demonstrate his masterful talent and […]

Jan 18th, 2010

There is any number of avenues for the active sports participant, whether football, baseball, soccer, motorcycle racing, drag strip racing, snowboarding, and many others to take during the hustle and bustle of the busy calendar ahead. 1.               Invest in a good, reputable, comprehensive health insurance plan 2.               Invest your time and money into a comprehensive […]

Jun 25th, 2009

The State of health care affordability in the USA is dismal at best.  Nearly 50 million American have no insurance or are underinsured at the present time. Though this bleak situation affects men and woman alike, the brunt of the problem is that more woman find themselves uninsured or underinsured.  Though on the whole, both genders share […]

Jun 16th, 2009

A study in the American Journal of Medicine recently reported that approximately two-thirds of bankruptcies in the United States were related to medical problems.  What they found surprising in this article was the fact that the majority of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance.  In fact, they found that almost 80% were insured, including some […]

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