Comparar en el Estado de Nueva York Seguro de Salud

Aug 31st, 2011

Are you looking for a New York health insurance provider that offers plans with a wide scope of health care benefits? You might want to consider HIP. Health Insurance Plan of New York (HIP) is one of the trusted health insurance providers in the state. In fact it is considered the largest HMO in New […]

Jun 7th, 2011

HIP insurance is not yet in every state, but for the state where it is offered, it makes life a little easier for the independent employer. Considering that there is barely much offered to the independent sole proprietor’s around the country it is nice that this insurance coverage exists and has grown since its early […]

Jun 3rd, 2011

HIP insurance had its beginnings as a form of group insurance plan for those employed in New York City, New York just after the finality of World War II. There was also a branch that was started in Westchester shortly after the success of the insurance plan that was begun with the employed in New […]

May 16th, 2011

There are many medical facilities today that are closing and in threat of imminent closing because of the lack of funding through the government-run Medicaid program, which is an affordable health insurance. This will mean that hundreds of thousands of seniors still operating their own business will be caught up in a process they never […]

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