Comparar en el Estado de Nueva York Seguro de Salud

Jan 11th, 2012

There are various New York health insurance plans available to New Yorkers. There is Medicare, Medicaid, Child Health Plus, specialized programs like HIV Home Care Program, the state-sponsored Healthy NY, and several others. However, having a health insurance coverage will not guaranty that all the services you require will be covered. There is a possibility […]

Jan 5th, 2012

New York state offers a lot of affordable health care insurance plans for its residents. A popular option is Healthy New York, a program designed for small businesses with less than 50 employees; for individuals who cannot get insurance through their employers; for self employed individuals; and for legal immigrants. The Child Health Plus program […]

Nov 14th, 2011

Healthy NY has recently announced that beginning January 1st of next year, the NY health insurance program will no longer be offering traditional HMO plans (health maintenance organization). New enrollees can only choose between HDHP (high deductible health plans) with drug coverage or HDHP without drug coverage. HMO plans had been the popular choice over […]

Nov 9th, 2011

Health insurance can be very expensive but forgoing health care coverage can be even more costly. The state of New York has various state subsidized health care programs to ease the financial burden of acquiring coverage. If you’re looking for an inexpensive health insurance you might want to check the state health care programs that […]

Nov 7th, 2011

Healthy NY had announced that beginning January 1, 2012, the only plans that will be available to applicants are the two high deductible health plans (HDHP) – HDHP with drug coverage and HDHP without drug coverage. Healthy New York will no longer be offering HMO (health maintenance organization) plans to new enrollees. Because of this […]

Sep 29th, 2011

Healthy New York, a state-run health insurance program that provides inexpensive health insurance coverage to low-income residents is now in its 10th year. This program is open to individuals, sole proprietors and small business owners. But there are eligibility requirements that apply in order to qualify. As of the latest count (Sept 2010), the Healthy […]

Sep 27th, 2011

Healthy New York has launched two pilot projects – HealthCore which is designed for individuals and small business owners in Central New York and Brooklyn HealthWorks for small businesses in Brooklyn. HealthCore is a pilot project of Healthy New York that aims to provide health and insurance coverage to working individuals, students and sole proprietors […]

Jan 7th, 2010

The cost of medical insurance coverage is pricing many individuals and the self-employed away from the insurance industry. The benefits keep changing and the self-employed entrepreneur winds up receiving less medical coverage with higher and higher premiums. The list of preconditions is not only growing longer, but it keeps changing so that the individual no […]

Oct 15th, 2009

Unlike many other plans to apply for the Family Health Plus Plan for health insurance you will be required to have a personal interview at which time you will also be required to complete an application form and provide various pieces of information.  At the same time, you will be expected to pick which health […]

Oct 13th, 2009

The Family Health Plus program is a fantastic health insurance program that offers health insurance coverage to single adults, couples who do not have children, and parents who are citizens of United States, or immigrants who qualify under one of the immigration programs and categories.  If you already have health insurance coverage through municipal, state, […]

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